Cotton Bedspread (King Size)


Handmade Bedspread
104 inches X 90 inches
100 % Cotton
Natural Dye
Includes two pieces stitched pillowcases




Surrender to Earth-Toned Luxury

SIZE: 104″ X 90″

The Naturally Dyed Bedspread *Embrace the whispers of nature* with our meticulously crafted, naturally dyed bedspread. , this bedspread is a symphony of comfort and sustainable style. Each spread boasts subtle variations, *a testament to the unique artistry of botanical dyes*. Unlike synthetic dyes, these natural hues deepen and soften with age, acquiring a timeless patina. *More than just a beautiful topper, this bedspread is a haven for health and the environment.* Free from harsh chemicals often found in synthetic dyes, it offers a gentle touch on your skin and peace of mind for a truly restful sleep.

*Choose from a palette of earthy tones*, each perfectly suited to create a tranquil escape in your bedroom. *From the warmth of saffron yellow to the serenity of lavender, discover a natural dye bedspread that reflects your unique style.*

*Invest in a piece that nourishes your body and soul. Shop our collection today.

Colors may appear differently depending on monitors and lighting. You can expect some color to rub off with your new textiles. We recommend washing separately.

This product is handmade, and there may be irregularities and imperfections. This is a natural outcome of the handcrafting process and add to the unique charm of the product. No two pieces are identical ensuring you have a piece which is one of a kind.  Your bedspread can be gently machine or hand-washed with cool water. To protect the natural dyes, you must use a pH-neutral liquid detergent. Wash with similar colors.



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